Gee LauReaux Press Release

Creating magic and bringing life to vision.

I decided to create a Design Studio, named GeeLauReaux, which specializes in fashionably creative arts for theater, film, and television. The studio provides services that will help media communication entrepreneurs- such as film developers, writers, actors, and multimedia strategist- to develop material for their character scenes, film sets, and other special projects. We sell, rent, and donate wardrobe material to anyone that needs aid during the process of planning and executing their project. The target market for this company projects to men and women between the ages of 28-40 living in the United States. Our primary locations are stationed in Maplewood, NJ and in the heart of West Columbia, South Carolina. Our company is dedicated to fulfilling expectations by lending our talents and assistance in overseeing the fruition of each project during the recording process. As always, we promise to deliver flexible support that outreaches to local developers based upon the nature of the media, entertainment, and instrumental intentions for desired project. Our list of support includes wardrobe (costume and set dressings), studio and stage props, stage painting, makeup, sound and camera editing, visual and sound effects. We are very much open to collaborations with major film studios and are willing to travel based upon contract requests. Visit us at Gee LauReaux on Facebook.

The typography choice for GeeLauReaux was inspired by the successful recording artist Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey is the best-selling female recording artist in history (regardless of what anyone says about Madonna and Barbara Streisand) and each of her albums, from the very first self-titled debut all the way to the current, are composed and covered with this beautiful font. Copperplate is very professional and powerful; many people have fallen in love with it since it first made its appearance in the early 1900’s. This Linotype font was created in 1905, by an American printer and type design artist named Frederic William Goudy.

Mr. Goudy worked mainly with Linotype Machines and has created well over 116 different font typefaces that each support over 20 languages. In Copperplate (regular and gothic) designs, there are AB and BC designators which refer to the size relationships of capitals and small capitals. In other words, although the font is designed as capitals, size differentiation occurs when capital letters are actually used. Text written in lower case has the natural look of a capital, but when a capital is applied, there will be a variance in height and sometimes width. The attractiveness of the font has become so popular, that it’s heavily used in business designs that may include playbills, high end restaurant lunch/dinner menus, and also on business cards. The small serifs on the font supplies most of its character. Not only is this typeface very powerful, but it pairs greatly with other fonts such as Arial, which makes up the second half of the business title “Design Studio”. Arial is a very popular sans serif font that was created in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders.

For brand color, the supreme choice had to be a mixture of all things warm and cool. Based upon Fat Rabbit Creative Experts, the color purple (not the movie) has the ability and “power to uplift, calm nerves and encourage creativity, which makes it an all-inclusive color” (Fat Rabbit Creative, 2018). The first connection that this color symbolizes with is Royalty. It’s also very high in value: not only does royal attribute to fine fabrics like velvet, but the highest chip in poker is purple. The color also symbolizes virtue and faith, loyalty, and bravery (keep in mind that The Purple Heart in U.S Military -given to wounded soldiers- signifies courage). Many popular brands that use purple include Hallmark, FedEx, Yahoo, Taco Bell,, Crown Royal, the Lakers Basketball Team, and more. The secondary color- ripe banana- is used in the word “Design”. I personally created this color to add additional character and cheerfulness to compliment the purple background design. Ripe banana contains hints of gold that add unique luster and wealth to the logo, while comfortably resting upon the purple background. Next to it, the word Studio is written in Ruby Red to add some energy into the logo of the design.

Finally, the design for my company’s logo is a beautifully drawn- hand sketched Dragonfly. According to Spirit Animal, the Dragonfly represents “change and transformation, adaptability, and lightness of being joyful. It incites one to delve deeper into activities and feelings. It also means to be on the lookout for external and interpersonal illusions and deceits” which is really great for business and partnerships.

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